Vidar Dicom Viewer 3.4.0

New version 3.4.0 of Vidar Dicom Viewer has been released

The update includes:


Program “Pulmonary Emphysema”

The “Pulmonary Emphysema” program is intended for the quantitative assessment of emphysematous areas in the lungs in computed tomography:

  • segmentation of lung tissue from the respiratory tract and soft tissues
  • calculation of the volume of both lungs, right and left lungs separately
  • determination of the mean value of pulmonary parenchyma density, standard deviation of pulmonary parenchyma density and median
  • calculation of volumes and percentages (emphysema score) of emphysematous tissue according to a predetermined level of density of both lungs, right and left lungs separately
  • histogram of distribution of lung tissue density
  • construction of a 3D model with color mapping of emphysema in the form of halftones

Program “Virtual Bronchoscopy”

The Virtual Bronchoscopy program is designed to view the lumens of the bronchi of the 1st - 3rd order in endoscopic mode in computed tomography:

  • flight along the lumen of the bronchi in forward and reverse directions
  • the ability to stop in an area of interest and have a 360-degree view
  • navigation using standard MPRs and MPRs deployed in the direction of the camera
  • recording results in the form of the entire screen, or only endoscopic mode to a custom series


  • “Ground Glass” program – an advanced mode has been added, providing ample opportunities for editing the automatic segmentation of lungs and marked areas based on the type of ground glass
  • Program “Orthopantomogram” - two modes of displaying teeth - transverse sections and MPR on the first tab


  • Densitometry - corrected wrong behavior of the program when adding a 3D marker and then using a 3D sphere;
  • In the Special Programs window, all programs are now active;
  • CT Perfusion - no more duplicate measurement lines;
  • CT/MRI perfusion - improved positioning of artery and vein points;
  • cMPR - when the construction of the reference curve is completed, the slopes of the MPR planes are not reseted;
  • Fixed calling a special program from Finds - repeated selection of a series to launch the program has been eliminated.