Vidar Dicom Viewer 3.2.6 A new version of Vidar Dicom Viewer 3.2.6 has been released

What’s new:

  • segmentation by density with volume calculation
  • new and improved interface for plotting accumulation curves
  • calculation of contrast washout in CT analysis of adrenal masses
  • simultaneous copying of ROI to all series on the screen. Combining ROI-s into a group with management of all areas in the group and manual correction
  • the control for manual setting of the study series synchronization has been moved to the study title. Now there is no need to configure each series separately
  • now you can save synchronization parameters separately for each specialty
  • now you can permanently turn off visibility of MPR lines in MRI (via settings)
  • new ability to disable double-clicking image maximization
  • we now support Dicom files without a media header