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Vidar Dicom Viewer

A program for viewing and analyzing of the DICOM medical images. It is more than just a viewer.

The program is designed especially for radiologists and clinicians.

Vidar Dicom Viewer provides everything you need to fully work with DCM files.

  • 2D and 3D medical imaging
  • Multimodality, ability to compare multiple studies
  • Movie playback and editing
  • Intuitive interface and convenient keyboard commands
  • Flexible configuration according to user preferences
  • Works on the full range of Windows OS, from XP to 10, x86 and x64
  • Adequate requirements for PC resources

Work with pleasure

  • Digital Radiography, CR, DX, RF – all measurements, adopted by radiology, are friendly and simple (foot arch, cardiothoracic ratio, and others), also masking, gamma correction of images, and others
  • Mammography, MG – mammologist-friendly layouts, real size output, synchronization
  • Computer Tomography, CT – auto-synchronization, orthogonal and oblique MPR, MiP and MinIP, 3D-vizualization, special programs
  • Magnetic Resonance imaging, MR – 3D and 4D-vizualization, dynamic studies, DWI and ADC
  • Ultrasound Diagnostics, US-cine loop, wide range of instruments for measuring
  • Digital Angiography, XA-analysis of films, saving your hard drive space by data compression
  • Digital Endoscopy, ES-editing and HD-SDI, SDI video stream receiving

Moreover, we have other necessary options not only for radiologists, but for clinical physicians as well.

Freedom of clinical communication

  • Open DICOM images from any digital media, easy import from CD/DVD
  • Recording studies on CD / DVD, saving to any folder on a disk or to a USB flash drive
  • Ability to save studies in DICOM format or in standard image formats (jpg, png)
  • Printing on both paper and film
  • Creating your own local archive of DICOM images:
    • Quick search by various parameters
    • Sort by different parameters
    • Ability to set up automatically removal of studies if there is not enough space on the hard disk
    • View Dicom Conformance Statement
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Image management

  • Ability to work with one, two or more screens
  • Brightness / Contrast and Window / Level
  • Positive / negative and gamma correction
  • Preset palettes and mathematical filters
  • Working with 3D images:
    • MPR and curvilinear MPR
    • Cut off all excess with a virtual knife
    • Edit preconfigured 3D presets
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  • Length and curved length
  • Angles, closed and open
  • Different geometric areas
  • Create accumulation curves (studies with contrast enhancement) and histograms
  • Volumes - displayed in MPR and 3D
  • View results in a List of Finds
  • Automatically saving of results in the study
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Everything needed for a scientific work

  • Easily copy images to other programs, e.g. documents, spreadsheets, graphic editors
  • Saving studies in DICOM format or in standard images formats (jpg, png)
  • Anonymizing of studies
  • Creating histograms and accumulation curves
  • Text annotations to images
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  • Printing on laser thermal imagers for high quality diagnostic images
  • Fully compatible with DICOM
  • Printing on paper printers to save money
  • Print preview with image manipulation in the preview window
  • Multiple images on one page, including different studies and modalities
  • Printing in the real size of the object, as a percentage of the real size
  • Setting the display of Patient Data before Printing
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New version 3.3.4 of Vidar Dicom Viewer has been released The update includes:


New version 3.3.3 of Vidar Dicom Viewer has been released The update includes:


New version 3.3.0 of Vidar Dicom Viewer has been released The update includes:


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