Vidar Dicom Viewer 3.2.9

New version 3.2.9 of Vidar Dicom Viewer has been released

The update includes:


  • Calcium Index Program
  • Modality Worklist - Transfer of patient and exam information from RIS (Radiology Information System) to Vidar Dicom Viewer
  • MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step) - transfer of information about the studies performed by Vidar Dicom Viewer to RIS (Radiological Information System)
  • Query / Retrieve - retrieving information about images on the DICOM server, and executing commands to transfer images



  • Special programs: new interface to open special programs
  • Shutter: added saving selected fragment to Dicom, or to an image file
  • Calibration: added the ability to show / hide the calibrator after performing a calibration
  • MPR: fixed a bug with paging direction

Preview Bar

  • Added a function to temporary clear the Preview Bar (studies are saved in the Archive, but not displayed in the Preview Bar)
  • Dynamic Series in the Preview Bar: the volume loaded on the screen is highlighted in the list


  • Time range filter improved
  • Automatic Archive cleaning: the maximum number of studies and free disk space can be configured separately
  • You can add an MWL tab to the Archive window (If you have a license)


  • 3D preset editor: added shading (lighting) control
  • 3D: fixed a bug with manual removal of bone remnants


  • Fixed the appearance of stripes on MPR-images, in case of operator errors on the console
  • Added definition of volumes in dynamic series by heart rate phase