Vidar Dicom Viewer 3.2.8 A new version of Vidar Dicom Viewer 3.2.8 has been released

The update includes:


  • CT Brain Perfusion Program
  • PET-CT Program
  • Combining series of one study in MRI (for example - parts of the spine)
  • New tool “3D-sphere” with drawing and display on all MPR projections and 3D-model
  • New tool “Transverse flat feet” in radiology
  • New tool “Hip dysplasia” in radiology


  • Added the output of mutually perpendicular projections of the vessel to the Vessels program
  • The tool “Longitudinal flat feet” added automatic calculation of the degree of flat feet
  • In the tool “Line” for CT added calculation of the volume of liquid by the method of M. Hazlinger
  • The tool “Densitometry” is returned, for phantomless measurement in CT
  • The number of the CT scan is displayed - in the MPR and the measurement menu
  • Selecting default presets for picture settings based on specialty
  • Added setting for writing autorun.inf file to CD / DVD for automatic launch of the program from CD / DVD
  • VDViewer now runs on Linux RedOS